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Caddo Gap Press has supported the voices of progressive and radical change in American and international education as an independent publisher since 1989. We are committed to publishing works of educational, cultural, community, and public value, which despite their intellectual and political merit are too often deemed unprofitable or politically unsuitable by larger commercial publishers.

Our aim as an independent press is to present the perspectives of critical scholars, disseminate the work of traditionally underrepresented voices, and address the otherwise marginalized issues and concerns of education in transition. We offer promising efforts at reform and innovation from a variety of educational and cultural fields and settings that move beyond failing mainstream rhetoric to expand dialogue and understanding.

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  • New Book:

    Announcing an exciting new book entitled Multicultural Education: A Renewed Paradigm of Transformation and Call to Action published in collaboration with the National Association for Multicultural Education to commemorate NAME’s 20th anniversary. Edited by H. Prentice Baptiste, Ashley Ryan, Blanca Araujo, and Rose Duhon-Sells, the volume features chapters on the history and vision of multicultural education from Geneva Gay, Carl Grant, James Banks, Christine Sleeter, and Sonja Nieto among many others. To order copies use this form, or to order through our online store see order tab above.

  • Forthcoming:

    The Fall 2015 issue of Multicultural Education Magazine will be out soon. In case you missed it, the Spring/Summer 2015 issue kicks off with Judith Reed’s “Immigrants as Refugees of the Global Economy: Learning to Teach (about) Today’s Migrants” & Marco Antonio Cervantes’ “ Teaching Decolonial Sounds on the Margins: Reflections on a K-12 Teacher Workshop Covering Black & Brown Musical Transculturation in Texas.” You will also find awesome research, promising practices, and personal perspectives in each issue. If you are not already a subscriber to Multicultural Education now is the time to subscribe to receive the most important scholarship addressing contemporary social & cultural concerns.

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  • Special Issue Alerts:

    "Family, School, and Community Partnerships: Working with Culturally Diverse Families." This Spring/Summer 2014 issue, guest-edited by Reyes L. Quezada of the University of San Diego, features articles exploring families, schools, and communities across the United States and Canada. Quezada concludes his introduction by saying: "If we are to develop a viable global citizenry, we need to insure that our teacher education graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to work with ethnically and linguistically diverse students and their families."

    Table of Contents
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    “Sustainability Education: A Multicultural Interdisciplinary Inquiry into Human-Environmental Relationships.” To kick off the 21st year of publication of Multicultural Education, the Fall 2013 issue is paradigmatic. Don’t’ miss it. The issue contains a collection of articles that explores the relationship between sustainability education, multiculturalism, and multicultural education. Guest-edited by Thomas Nelson, John Cassell, and Harriett Arnold of the University of the Pacific, this issue stretches the scholarly boundaries of multicultural education and challenges everyone in the field to understand and respond to the world’s ecological crisis. This is an essential, timely discussion we all need to join.

    Table of Contents
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  • We Are Celebrating: Why don’t you celebrate with us! The 20th anniversary of Multicultural Education, a special expanded Spring-Summer 2013, is available. This issue features a collection of our most provocative, and visionary articles selected and reprinted from the most recent ten years of the magazine. It is assured to be a great addition to any research library. This is an issue that no one in the field will want to miss. Get your copy now. Preview the issue below.

    Table of Contents
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  • Multicultural Education Magazine Celebrates 20 Years: Please join us in celebrating the 20th year of publication of Multicultural Education magazine during this 2012-2013 academic year. You are invited to join in the celebration by subscribing to Multicultural Education to assure that you will not miss any issues and by submitting manuscripts for our consideration. (read more...)

  • New Editor for Journal of Educational Foundations: We are pleased to announce the appointment of Michael E. Jennings, professor and associate dean of the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Texas at San Antonio, as the new editor of the Journal of Educational Foundations. (read more...)

  • Special Issues:

    Linguistically Diverse Students & Their Families
    The Winter 2011 issue of Multicultural Education, guest-edited by A. Y. “Fred” Ramirez
    This special issue presents eleven articles on bilingual impacts, teaching language learning, family literacy, and researching bias.

    Hurricane Katrina: Schools, Culture, & Trauma
    The Winter 2007 issue of Multicultural Education, co-guest-edited by Aretha Faye Marbley, Alice Denham, and Douglas J. Simpson.
    This special issue on Hurricane Katrina and its impact on schools and education in the New Orleans area features eleven compelling articles, poetry, photographs, and artwork by international sculpture Eddie Dixon.

    The popular "Innovative Practices" issue of Multicultural Education
    Winter 2006, edited by Heather L. Hazuka
    Features a dozen articles that spotlight teacher activism and inspiring new approaches in education. Current MCE calls for manuscripts: Voices of Justice Creative Writing

  • We are pleased to announce three
    recent book releases:

    The War Schools of Dobrinja: Reading, Writing, and Resistance during the Siege of Sarajevo
    by David M. Berman
    Tells "the story of the teachers and students of Dobrinja, the students who asserted their right to their education and the teachers who answered their call..."

    Key Questions for Educators
    edited by William Hare and John P. Portelli
    A collection of 40 original essays on central concepts in education.

    The Judicious Professor: A Learner-Centered Philosophy for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
    by Paul Gathercoal and Forrest Gathercoal.

    (read more...)

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